About a boy character essay

You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them. Even though they are decades apart Will and Marcus both spend the novel coming of age, as they start truly growing into the men they are destined to become. Do you think that their coming of age was something that was spurred by their relationship, or would they have come of age on their own?

About a boy character essay

The greatest collection of essays, research papers, term papers, thesis papers, dissertations and other academic papers Tuesday, April 7, About A Boy The novel I have selected for this exploration study assignment is About A Boy by Nick Hornby.

There are several complex characters in this novel worthy character exploration. As I was most fascinated by the character development of Marcus throughout the novel, I have chosen to further explore his character.

At the beginning of this novel Marcus is portrayed as a misfit with very low self-esteem, and lacking in self-confidence. Marcus considers himself to be weird because his mother Fiona is weird.

Although Marcus argues with Fiona when he has a difference of opinion, he loses every argument. Marcus is deprived by his mother from listening to current popular music, and is forced to listen to Joni Mitchell. Since Fiona is a vegetarian Marcus must likewise be a vegetarian.

Marcus sings for his mother to make her happy, but occasionally forgets himself and sings out loud in public places such as his classroom. It is evident that the influence Fiona is having on Marcus is causing him to be ridiculed and taunted by his peers at school.

About a boy character essay

Marcus has a very difficult time making friends in his new school, as would be friends also get targeted for similar treatment. His love for his mother, his fear of losing her, and his desire for making her happy are more important to Marcus, than his own well being.

Two traumatic events occur on the day that Marcus first meets Will, which profoundly influence his character development. When Marcus accidentally kills a duck at the park, Will comes to his rescue and deliberately lies to the attendant in order to protect Marcus. Marcus is very disturbed by this event but is very impressed by the fact that Will protected him.

When Marcus returns from the park with Will and Suzzie he finds his mother unconscious from a deliberate overdose of pills.

Fiona recovers from the suicide attempt but Marcus unfortunately stumbles on her suicide note prior to her return from the hospital. The fear of losing his mother to the suicide haunts Marcus throughout the novel. He especially worries about Fiona when she is acting depressed or is alone at home.

Marcus arranges for Will to take his mother and him out for dinner with the hope that Will and Fiona will develop a relationship. He rationalizes that Will might make his mother happy, and if his mother is happy she will not commit suicide.

It soon becomes obvious to Marcus that Will has no romantic interest in Fiona. He finally makes a decision exclusively for his own benefit. Marcus shows great determination in pursuing his friendship with Will. He follows Will home from a shopping centre to determine where he lives.

He has no qualms when he accuses Will of not having a child. Marcus and Will soon develop a close relationship that enriches both of their characters.Essay about Growing Up in About a Boy by Nick Hornby - Growing Up in About a Boy by Nick Hornby About a boy is a novel which follows the lives of two people: Marcus and Will.

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About a Boy essaysAbout a Boy by Nick Hornby is about two unusual people who meet in an unusual way.

About a boy character essay

The main characters are Marcus, a man in a twelve year-old's body, and Will, a . About A Boy fulfills the requirements of a good comedy: abnormal characters, as shown through style and fashion, character development, humorous language, as well as the all-important entertaining plot..

The heart of the movie is Will, a never employed 38 year-old bachelor/5(4). About a boy is a novel written by the famous English author Nick Hornby.

Nick was born the 17th April in , and had from an early age a massive dedication for books and literature. He’s first finished novel was called ‘’High Fidelity’’ and became a great success, which encouraged him to write more, and [ ]. About a boy By About a boy is written by Nick Hornby and published by “Penguin Books” in Setting: The novel is set in and Setting: The novel is set in and The action takes mainly place in London, but also a bit in Cambridge and Royston Characters: Will is a 36 years old.

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