Advantages of retaining forst reserve in

They also disclosed where and when to find him. Bill Atwood wrote each week, Steve added that he especially liked those opinions expressed by the late J. Froelich and other conservative writers. I felt right at home.

Advantages of retaining forst reserve in

Whidden city clerk of MulberTy, states that his father wa s bor n in this county in 18U, and that his grandfa t her h'ad lived in the county, and in other parts of South Florida' many years before that event.

These few pioneers, and o t hers who came after them, were hardy souls, who sought the adventure o f a wild countr y, which provided a paradi se for the hunter and fisherTRan, and which afforded freedom fr om the restraint and conventions of civilization.

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A little later soldiers who partiCipat e d in the Indian wars, and who grew attached t o the country during their period of service, with the re t urn of peace elected t o remain in the land they had learned to love.

Some of them went back to their homes in the northern part of this S t ;lte, or in 'other State s. Others were attracted by the benefits offered by the Government, w h ich p rov ided free land and other bounty for those who became bona fide settlers of the new country.

It is hinted, and there may be some truth in the suggestioo, that bceasionally a fugitive from justice would seek refuge and freedom among these wildS. Whatever the varying motives that impelled them, gradti.

The desire for human compan ionship would t end eve ntually to the location of se v eral of these dwellin gs within a radius o f a few miles, and thus would be formed; a settlement.

A man's "next-door neighbor" might live a mile, or five mi le s dis tant ; but for the day and the condi t ions that was close enough Aside from the inconveniences of pioneer life-and these settler s did not re gard these inconveniences in the light of hardships, as would people o f this tat.

Advantages of retaining forst reserve in

Li f e was simp le, and great effort was not requ ired to meet its demands. A patch of sweet potatoes. Cattle were impounded in an encl osu re fenced in with poles or s plit rails, and when the area enclo sed in a pen was sufficiently fer tilized, it was ready for planting, and anol'her enclosure was given over to the fertilization process.

Here, then, with very little l abor were provided all the requirem ents of rai ment and the necessiti es of f ood. But the luxuries of the table did not cost eve n the small effort that was expended on the necessities-they were provided not by labor, but by spo rt.

The wood s abou nded with every kind of desirable game. Venison wild turke y, quail, squirrel, and water fowl were i tems of the daily menu. Then every stream and lake was alive with fish, an d the sport of a pleasant hour or two would provide a welcome change of.

In time, around the rude dwelling a few orange trees would appear, grown from the seed and these would furnish 'lusc i ous fruit for the family. After a while, when the orange trees bore more heavily, the sett ler would toad a few hundred of them in his wagon, and haul them to the village of Tampa, wt1ere he would recei ve about a cent eaeh for them.

A journe y of thi s kind. The more industrious of the settlers would also have so me surplus cotton and this, too, would be taken to Tampa and sold "in the seed", at 10 cents per pound. For home uses of cotton, the seeds were picked out by hand, the ch ildren doing much of this work; later a crude, homemade gin was employed And so, with hunting fish ing and not too strenuous labor life for the pioneer residents was not unduly hard.

Their pleasures were simple, but! There were camp meetings where the people for mile s around came into friendly and pleasant social contact; ther e were cane grindings, suga r boilings, quiltin g bees, debating societies, and many other occasions which though they may seem abs urdly simple to the sophis ticated, were more of a treat, and looked forward to whh more plea s urable antici pation than a season of grand opera, or a European tour would be to the blase product of the present day.

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Blount prominent for many years in the affair s of t11e county, to which he came as a small boy, had a wonderful fund of information conce rning these early days, and it was our good fortune to find the following remini sce nces, which he contributed to the Bartow Courier-Informant inand whi ch gi ve a more vivid pict ure of life in the per iod of which he writes than could be furnis hed by any other than an e ye-witness:U.S.

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Tuesday nanaimO HaRBOUR City Seniors open house March 8, p.m., at Bowen Park complex. Demonstrations, light refreshments. 20 HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA of goods in it and made some concessions to tbe county as an inducement for the county s ite, but this only created a jealousy, which defeated that place, and Mud Lake was the county site of Polk county for about one year.

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