An analysis of judging the presence of public opinion

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An analysis of judging the presence of public opinion

An analysis of judging the presence of public opinion

France The presence of Chris Froome in the peloton of the Tour de France in has been the subject of conjecture. Depending on who you listen to, it is either a volatile situation or just an isolated few who are souring the otherwise festive tone. From afar you could be led to believe that everyone on the roadside is hurling abuse at the defending champion and his Sky teammates.

But those close to the action don't see it that way. Speaking with staff and riders from Team Sky, the feedback is that it was a little awkward at the start of the Tour but the dark mood is lifting. Pro Cycling Stats tweet: No words needed tdf tdf The Italian joined the team as a directeur sportif in August last year, after he retired from racing following a prolific, long career.

Tosatto made his debut at the Tour in another era of racing all together; seems like a lifetime ago for someone who only stopped racing incertainly long enough to have experienced the differences in pro cycling during a period of significant — and much needed — change.

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He raced the Tour before the Festina Affair brought cycling to its knees 20 years ago. He was in the peloton during the troubled Lance Armstrong years. He knows about the good, the bad and the ugly of his sport. Tosatto says that public sentiment can indeed be nasty but the year-old believes that it's often portrayed as being worse than it really is.

That's what it all boils down to — people either love Team Sky or hate it. The booing may have eased off, but some fans are still keen to let Chris Froome and his team know they don't approve. Peter Dejong There are some fence-sitters when it comes to this polarising topic.

It could be Sky's rather belated attempt to present the facts about the adverse analytical finding [AAF] for Salbutamol, that changed the opinion of some; or perhaps it's the huge delay in finding a resolution to the matter that has contributed to the disillusionment of many who had once considered themselves fans.

On the whole, however, there are the believers or the non-believers and herein lies the problem. Since the Festina Affair, a saga that broke on 8 July when a soigneur for the Festina team was arrested while driving a car with a huge collection of doping products, cycling has been exposed as a sport that was rife with doping.

Ever since then, a huge effort has been put in to clean up cycling and, in fact, all sport. Inthe Festina doping scandal cast a pall over the Tour de France and cycling as a whole. Reuters, file photo Rarely a season goes by when cycling isn't affected by one scandal or another but the reality is that it's a much cleaner peloton in than it was in And that's a relief as it was, quite frankly, rank.

We now understand the extent of the cheating.

An analysis of judging the presence of public opinion

Armstrong's belated confession at the end of confirmed what many long suspected — but it came only after he had won [and later lost] seven successive titles at the Tour de France.

It's largely because of the quagmire surrounding the credibility of cycling that there is such frustration among the public at Le Tour inand there are some observers who are wondering if the abuse will soon turn to danger.

So far, there's no sign of that happening. When speaking with people associated with the team, the biggest concern is the perpetuation of negativity by some commentators, including one "person who is very famous in France". Long-time Team Sky directeur sportif, Nicolas Portal, was hesitant to say the name but it's clear who his reference was about.

Bernard Hinault R won the Tour five times — he has spoken out against Chris Froome's presence at this year's race. He's not quite cycling's Voldemort, but clearly in Team Sky circles they'd really rather not mention his name any longer.

Hinault, now 63, still has sway with the public, especially in France.


If he speaks, there are many — particularly those of his vintage — who listen. But they read what Hinault says and they believe it to be fact. Even when no-one is on the roadside, there's the constant sound of helicopters overhead, sirens of police motorbikes, or the claxons of team vehicles.Sections of the public are making their feelings known over the presence of Chris Froome at this year's Tour de France, but Team Sky says things are improving, writes Rob Arnold.

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