An analysis of the prices of scanners

Nuts About Nets has been developing diagnostic tools for troubleshooting wireless networks for a number of years and when RF Explorer was first introduced to us we were extremely impressed. The price-performance of these RF spectrum analyzers is truly remarkable and is the best, by far, on the market — nothing else comes close.

An analysis of the prices of scanners

Small metallic targets such as gold nuggets, coins, rings, jewelry and other valuable metallic objects hidden under the ground can be found easily with this antenna. Also it is very suitable to detect larger objects like boxes, bunkers, pipes, chests, gold or silver bars and other metallic masses which are buried deep under the surface or which are difficult to locate with standard GPR antennas.

Because of its integrated sensor technology it offers high resolution scans also in hard soils or mineralized areas. In addition, the Super Sensor if used together with the software Visualizer 3D has an integrated discrimination possibility to discriminate ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Ancient coins metal detected and unearthed in Syria

No other metal detector can keep up with the Super Sensors depth penetration. A discrimination control prevents the user from digging out undesirable items like nails, cans or other trash.

Features High resolution scans Specialized on detection of metallic targets Discrimination possibility of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and cavities in combination with the software Visualizer 3D The Cave Finder The Cavefinder is a geoelectrical detecting instrument for easy and fast localization of underground structures like cavities, caves and arches.

The detection of tombs, grave chambers, tunnels and hidden treasure chambers is done automatically after starting the measuring process on the main unit itself. Due to the integrated data analysis of the detection instrument, the measure result will be indicated immediately on the display of the Cavefinder.

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The Cavefinder is only made to detect geological nonmetallic ground anomalies like for example: Tombs, burial sites and grave chambers Caves and tunnels Non-metallic targets like container, barrels and suchlike The Cavefinder utilizes 4 conductive electrodes, which are placed inside the ground defining a square area.

Because of the 20m long cables of each electrode, which is connected to the measure instrument, a maximal scan area of about square meters can be defined in one single measurement.

During the measurement with the cave detector Cavefinder, several resistance measurements are executed, to finally draw conclusions to existing voids. The analysis of the measured results can be easily done on the field after a short measuring time and the scans can be repeated as often as necessary.

The newest and completely revised software version of Visualizer 3D provides improved graphics and sensational depth measurement. All deep buried metal objects and treasure finds are represented where they have been detected by OKM metal detectors: The depth measurement has been adapted to the different types of soil like loam, sand, stone and many other types of ground to give accurate measuring results.

Visualizer 3D is equipped with several functions no professional treasure hunter should miss. Besides the visualization of detected treasure finds in 3d graphics and the measurement of depth, position and size Visualizer 3D includes the following features: Representation as 2D and 3D graphic Depth measurement Manual correction of error signals Printout, Image export for subsequent processing Variable wireframe representation Discrimination mode to distinguish between precious and non-precious metals as well as cavities only with Super Sensor Automatic measurement completion in case of missing signals Automatic correction of error signals Features to improve the graphics e.

RF Explorer — Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

The chest was excavated from the basement inside a residential house. Greek artefacts detected by OKM's Cavefinder in the Ukraine A small team of treasure hunting enthusiasts discovered an interesting archaeological area where Greeks settled down in former times near to the river Dnepr in the Ukraine.

With the help of their geoelectrical instrument Cavefinder B they located voids at a depth of about 1,5 m up to 3 m. Inside these small caves they successfully excavated various ceramic utensils like these antique vases and many coins. This discovery is not only by chance because the terrain where the team concentrated their research is of great historic interest.

Hidden tomb discovered under church An amateur actress uncovered the entrance to a year-old secret chamber, which had been hidden for centuries, when she accidentally stamped her shoe through one of the floor tiles at St.

Mary's Church, in Redgrave, Suffolk. Just weeks before, a geophysicist had used state-of-the-art ground scan detectors eXpRover C II to locate the long-forgotten vault. There was just one last thing to do Ancient coins metal detected and unearthed in Syria A large amount of more than pieces of ancient coins has been detected by treasure hunters in Syria.

They found the hoard by using the metal detector and 3d ground scanner. This coin cache is very valuable and the value of each single coin is estimated from - Euros.

An analysis of the prices of scanners

If you would like know more about our services, prices, or to book a date for your GPR project, please contact us at:Other Technical Indicators. Average True Range (ATR) Volatility Stop (VSTOP) Chart Patterns.

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How Much Does A Micro-CT Scanner Cost? One of the first questions customers ask us is How much is a micro-CT scanner?

The short answer is between $, to over $1,, The longer answer, and the reason for the wide price range, is that the price of a micro-CT depends on the types of samples you are scanning and the results you need from the system.

An analysis of the prices of scanners
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