An overview of the issue of gun control in the united states

As the political landscape of gun control continues to evolve, it is certain that California will continue to lead the country in strict gun laws. As a future or current gun owner, navigating through these complex gun regulations can be tough. Quick Summary of California Gun Laws As a buyer, a permit is required for all guns, you cannot purchase more than one handgun within 30 days and there is a day waiting period. You must be 18 or older to purchase a long gun and 21 or older to buy a handgun.

An overview of the issue of gun control in the united states

Aug 15, Firearms in the U. The gun control debate in the United States took another turn earlier this month when a federal judge barred the online release of blueprints for 3D printed plastic guns. Many critics of 3D printed guns object to their distribution because guns made this way are untraceable and undetectable.

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While the Trump administration green lighted the release of these documents, President Trump backtracked on social media, questioning whether his administration should have agreed to the release of these plans online.

Defense Distribution, a Texas based digital firearms nonprofit, had already released seven blueprints for the firearms which were downloaded roughly 4, times on July 31sta day before the distribution was stopped by the courts.

The National Rifle Association has pushed for the release of these prints, seeing online distribution as an avenue for democratizing guns. Facebook has made strides to prevent the blueprints from being shared online.

Recent polling shows Americans across all demographics oppose the release of blueprints for 3D plastic guns by significant margins. While there is consensus on 3D printed guns, Americans still fall firmly along party lines for their support of the NRA.In the wake of several campus shootings, states are considering legislation about whether or not to permit guns on college campuses.

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NCSL provides an overview of state laws . California Gun Laws: An Overview California is a state with a complicated set of gun laws, including universal background checks and "assault weapon" bans.

An overview of the issue of gun control in the united states

Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook by Gregg Lee presents the issue with both sides of the debate on all the issues and, thus, the tools to make an informed decision.

a weekly publication. Each issue provides a comprehensive overview and background essay, data tables and graphs, chronology, pro-con starter, and list. Why is gun control an issue in the United States? If other democratic countries are doing quite well with strict gun control laws, then why are most US citizens so paranoid about implementing What state has the least restrictive gun laws, and best for gun lovers?

Below is an overview of the history behind major gun control laws in the federal government, capturing how we’ve gone from the Founding Fathers’ America of the New World to the United States . In this book, the author strives not to engage in a moral debate about the question of gun control, but rather to provide a substantive look at how gun control might operate in the United States.


An overview of the issue of gun control in the united states

gun control policies must be able to function in a culture steeped in a tradition of private firearms ownership and must be able to overcome a.

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