Bboy thesis vs lil ceng

Of course Asia also has their fair share of bboys and theres one who have caught my attention for awhile now. Bboy Babylon from MZK.

Bboy thesis vs lil ceng

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I cannot exactly remember what the heck I was watching but it all came down to superficial feelings of first impressions. And we all know these feelings may or may not be deceiving. Later I stumbled on a copy-paste someone had taken from his tumblr. It was an expression of his feelings as someone under the scrutiny of public expectations and his struggle to stay true to the hip hop culture.

I realised then that he actually had A LOT of soul. It's not what he said - it's how he said it.

Bboy thesis vs lil ceng

Those are very strong words that speak only of the truth. It aligned with what I believed especially when he mentioned that opinions of today are derived from Anons who absolutely know nothing about the culture.

Last night I was watching a few old footage of IBE and there was something utterly disturbing about the fact that bboys who were busting out huge explosive moves received so much props from the audience but bboys who stayed true to the culture; who danced, who did foundations and who listened to the music, silently received the deadest crowd you could ever imagine.

The evolution of bboying Bboy thesis vs lil ceng the years have created a generation that knows very little about its origins. People need to go back to its roots. To have to lose a battle with no objective reasoning apart from being known to have done better is a total disregard of a bboy's own growth and creativity.

All the crowd wants are bboys going wild and eventually losing what it means to dance.


This reminds me of that interview with Roxrite where he tells us how people used to give him crap for winning battles that he didn't deserve - his opponents clearly had better moves than him. A few years later the same people would come back to him apologizing because they finally understood what he does - he keeps it real and hip hop.

I can understand Thesis' argument about finding fame. Bboying had always been quite a local scene; titles and reputations gained had always been local.

Bboy Illz Vs Thesis Paper

However, as it grew it brought another title — fame. Soon bboys are left battling for a title against the rest of the world — quite literally.

In the level of fame bboys reach a wider audience but always in the expense of the closest and dearest. It's something that's often said but never spoke truer than in this context. Anyways, mad respect for this bboy who's taking the initiative of stepping out of the limelight just to save hip hop culture for what it is.

I don't know the date when this was posted but you've got to be kidding me if you expect me to file through his tumblr just to search for it.

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Below is the full message. I come to a point that this competitive thing might not be for me, for I am a man of peace and unity. I could never regret one battle because it always provides that feeling no matter what the outcome is. Truthfully, I am burning out. The thing is I know my rank, reputation and most importantly my dedication towards this culture and I refuse to go any further in the competition field until this scene appreciates it for what it is and not what it was.

Things can be so misunderstood in this time of age with all the media resources and of course the public point of views. For example, comments on Youtube have turned into an argument and not a opinion.

Bboy thesis vs lil ceng

The knowledge is lost in translation because the scene is spoiled. Yeah I said it. The scene is spoiled. I lost a battle recently and was told that the reason I lost was because I am known to have done better. I was shocked when I heard this.

Best Break Dance Battle Videos [Bboy THESIS]

Not only because I feel like the battle should be judged on whats happening at the moment instead of the past, but mainly because it shows that evolution has been planted in a soil that cannot adapt and grow… Like I said, I know where I stand in this dance and no one can tell me otherwise and I come to a point where I must take bigger responsibility and become the planter in my own fields.

I respect the fact that you can read this so I will be completely honest with you… The scene has been fucked up to me lately. But when I put in my time to complete things, I always end up getting fucked. In the generation I started in, we would get down for the feeling of joy we would get and because we would love to create new moves, only because that was the funnest part.

Then I came to learn that I was totally wrong and I was surprised on how much people felt the same love and joy for this movement. People will lose their selves through the fame.Judges: Storm, Moy Posted by Bboy Bboy Illz Vs Thesis Paper – The Law Office of Lauren N.

Peebles Bboy Flexim And Bboy Illz Vs Thesis Paper – Bboy Flexim And Thesis Paper Neguin Vs Thesis Paper – evfm What is the difference between thesis, research paper and What is the difference between thesis.

Best Break Dance Battle Videos [Bboy THESIS] El Nino vs Thesis Undisputed USA x Freestyle Session 1v1 bboy thesis bboy junior bboy battle bboy born bboy airflare tutorial bboy airflare progression Bboy Lil g VS Bboy Morris ★ Breakdance Battle ★ Best Bboys ★ HD - Duration: 2 minutes, Breakdance & Hip Hop Dance.

, views; 2 years ago; This item has been hidden. Other Channel. Justen from Hustle Kidz (NL) vs Lil Demon from Skill Methodz (USA). One of the three exhibition battles at King of the Kidz on the of February in T. Find this Pin and more on With A Piece of Chalk - Anti-bullying theme by Hip Hop and The Blueprint presented by Dance Education Laboratory at the 92nd St Y.

Thesis appears on battle DVDs such as B-Boy Ho-Down and IBE While he works full time as a B-Boy, Thesis enjoys critical writing and is interested in learning to DJ. Very experimental with movement, he has tried salsa, house and modern dance as well as capoeira in an effort to incorporate them into his B-Boying and complete his style.

First heard this track when Yak Films did a video for Bboy Thesis in Seattle. I have been a fan of Bboy Thesis for a while now. I have been a fan of Bboy Thesis for a while now. His flow and style is different from anybody I have seen.

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