Business planning taxation notes by khalid

The government compels taxation through an implicit or explicit threat of force. Taxation is legally different than extortion or a protection racket because the imposing institution is a government, not private actors.

Business planning taxation notes by khalid

Read this article to learn about the importance of planning for an organization: All organizations whether it is the government, a private business or small businessman require planning. To turn their dreams of increase in sale, earning high profit and getting success in business all businessmen have to think about future; make predictions and achieve target.

To decide what to do, how to do and when to do they do planning. In simple words we can say, planning bridges the gap between where we are standing today and where we want to reach.

Planning involves setting objectives and deciding in advance the appropriate course of action to achieve these objectives so we can also define planning as setting up of objectives and targets and formulating an action plan to achieve them.

Another important ingredient of planning is time. Plans are always developed for a fixed time period as no business can go on planning endlessly. Planning contributes to Objectives: Planning starts with the determination of objectives.

We cannot think of planning in absence of objective. After setting up of the objectives, planning decides the methods, procedures and steps to be taken for achievement of set objectives.

Planners also help and bring changes in the plan if things are not business planning taxation notes by khalid in the direction of objectives. For example, if an organisation has the objective of manufacturing washing machines and in one month only 80 washing machines are manufactured, then changes are made in the plan to achieve the final objective.

Planning is Primary function of management: Planning is the primary or first function to be performed by every manager. No other function can be executed by the manager without performing planning function because objectives are set up in planning and other functions depend on the objectives only.

For example, in organizing function, managers assign authority and responsibility to the employees and level of authority and responsibility depends upon objectives of the company. Similarly, in staffing the employees are appointed. The number and type of employees again depends on the objectives of the company.

So planning always proceeds and remains at no. Planning is required at all levels of the management. It is not a function restricted to top level managers only but planning is done by managers at every level.

Formation of major plan and framing of overall policies is the task of top level managers whereas departmental managers form plan for their respective departments.

And lower level managers make plans to support the overall objectives and to carry on day to day activities.

business planning taxation notes by khalid

Planning always means looking ahead or planning is a futuristic function. Planning is never done for the past.


All the managers try to make predictions and assumptions for future and these predictions are made on the basis of past experiences of the manager and with the regular and intelligent scanning of the general environment. Planning is a never ending or continuous process because after making plans also one has to be in touch with the changes in changing environment and in the selection of one best way.

So, after making plans also planners keep making changes in the plans according to the requirement of the company. For example, if the plan is made during the boom period and during its execution there is depression period then planners have to make changes according to the conditions prevailing.

Planning involves decision making: The planning function is needed only when different alternatives are available and we have to select most suitable alternative.

We cannot imagine planning in absence of choice because in planning function managers evaluate various alternatives and select the most appropriate. But if there is one alternative available then there is no requirement of planning. For example, to import the technology if the licence is only with STC State Trading Co-operation then companies have no choice but to import the technology through STC only.

Planning is a mental exercise: It is mental exercise. Planning is a mental process which requires higher thinking that is why it is kept separate from operational activities by Taylor.

In planning assumptions and predictions regarding future are made by scanning the environment properly. This activity requires higher level of intelligence.

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Secondly, in planning various alternatives are evaluated and the most suitable is selected which again requires higher level of intelligence.CCH's Federal Taxation: Basic Principles is a popular first-level tax course textbook that provides a clear concise explanation of the fundamental tax concepts covering both tax planning and compliance.

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A self-cancelling installment note (SCIN) is a technique used by estate planners to transfer value out of the estate of an individual at no gift tax cost.1 The transaction works by having a client.

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