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Cis 470 requirements teamb 1

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These stressors include chemicals, biologicals, radiation, and changes in climate, land use, and water use. The Laboratory's primary function is to measure, characterize, and predict human and ecological exposure to pollutants.

Exposure assessments are integral elements in the risk assessment process used to identify populations and ecological resources at risk. The EPA relies increasingly on the results of quantitative risk assessments to support regulations, particularly of chemicals in the environment.

In addition, decisions on research priorities are influenced increasingly by comparative risk assessment analysis. The utility of the risk-based approach, however, depends on accurate exposure information.

Thus, the mission of NERL is to enhance the Agency' s capability for evaluating exposure of both humans and ecosystems from a holistic perspective. The National Exposure Research Laboratory focuses on four major research areas: Underlying the entire research and technical support program of the NERL is its continuing development of state-of-the-art modeling, monitoring, and quality assurance methods to assure the conduct of defensible exposure assessments with known certainty.

Human exposure to multimedia contaminants, including persistent organic pollutants is an area of concern to EPA because of the possible adverse health effects of these compounds.

These compounds may originate from industrial processes and combustion and are present in a variety of microenvironments.

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The efforts described in this report provide an important contribution to our ability to measure and evaluate human exposure to pollutants. The target compounds include organophosphate OP pesticides, OP metabolites, organochlorine OC pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides and metabolites, acid herbicides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHphthalates, phenols, polychlorinated biphenyls PCBPAH metabolites, and atrazine.

Some of the target compounds are persistent indoors and sometimes outdoors, so that very low levels may exist in the children's surroundings and provide a source of non-acute exposure. The primary purposes of the research were to increase the understanding of children's exposures to persistent and non-persistent organic pollutants, and to gain information on the various activities, environmental media, and pollutant characteristics that may influence children's exposures.

The overall objectives were to measure the aggregate exposures of approximately preschool children and their adult caregivers to low levels of a suite of pesticides and other organic pollutants that the children may encounter in their everyday environments and to apportion the routes of exposure and estimate the relative contributions of each route.

Within these objectives, four major, specific goals for the CTEPP study were accomplished in this report. Results will also be used to identify important hypotheses to be tested in future research.

A two-state sampling plan was used to select and recruit study participants. In each state, a total of four urban and two rural counties were randomly selected. The counties were located in three distinct geographical regions of each state.

These regions were the mountains, the Piedmont, and the coastal plain of NC, and the northern, central, and southern regions of OH.

Cis 470 requirements teamb 1

Dual sampling frames the day care and the telephone components were used in each state. To recruit participants in households whose children attended child day care centers, 13 centers in the six NC counties and 16 centers in the six OH counties were selected using probability sampling.

Children were then selected randomly from classrooms having children in the eligible age group of two to five years, and their participation was recruited through their parents.Department of the Army Pamphlet –59 Schools Army Correspondence Course Program Catalog Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 26 October UNCLASSIFIED.

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