Essay on a visit to an automobile factory

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Essay on a visit to an automobile factory

Introduction — Furnace — Big tanks — Storage — Conclusion. I developed a curiosity to see the working of a cement factory. I requested my elder brother to take me there.

Essay: History of the Automobile

Fortunately my elder brother had a friend who was working as a chemist in that factory. We made necessary arrangements for our visit. We were first shown the power house of the factory. It supplied electric power to all the departments of the factory. We went to the furnaces.

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They were very big. The power house was connected with a big canal to get water. On the other side of the power-house was an artificial tank. The power house was filling this tank with hot water. I was simply amazed at the sight of all these. Then we went to the place where the cement was actually made.

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There were big rollers. They were moving like the hands of great giants. The automatic machines were throwing stones and sand into them. They were ground down in those rollers and were mixed. The cement in the liquid form was stored in them. They were very huge. They were bigger then a two storeyed village house.

The officer of the factory asked me to climb, up the top of the tanks. I saw the cement in liquid form. There the quality of the cement was tested. The liquid cement was made to pass through the roller, which was surrounded by big furnaces. It passed through several stages.

In these stages it was changed into smooth, soft dust like powder. From there we went to the place where the dry cement was stored. A machine was storing it. It was a big storage. We went up and saw the hot cement pouring into the storage from the mouth of some machine.

The whole place was full of cement particles. We looked at the whole factory from a distance. It was a work of human skill. It worked like a demon making cement for our houses, roads, dams and factories.September 30, by Amy Elliott Bragg.

Beth Olem: The cemetery in the GM Poletown plant. In some ways, this is the story of all cemeteries in Detroit: Some people hiked out to the country and bought the land, thinking it would be far, far away, forever and ever.

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Essay on a visit to an automobile factory

It sold for $, but Ford installed a moving assembly line in his factory and they could then produce a car in a hour and a half which then caused the car to be sold for $, the lowest price of .

Ford-Maraimalainagar Plant,Chennai Ford India was established in as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader. Since then, Ford has invested more than US$ 2 billion in India to expand its manufacturing facilities and dealership footprint of world's fastest-growing auto markets.

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Essay on a visit to an automobile factory

Search Results. Health an anecdote about a visit to a new factory in Japan owned and the state of Kansas there were no automobiles. Your . Actuators, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. Rings with Hirth couplings are primarily used for the accurate positioning of axial-symmetric components in the machine tool industry and, generally, in mechanical components.

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