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Fantasy writing articles

See my published fiction list. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Val Kovalin and Obsidianbookshelf. Awhile back I checked in with a couple of science-fiction and fantasy communities at LiveJournal and posted the following message: I would love your opinion on this.

But then there is always the made-up arcane languages The thing that everyone finds most annoying is what you might call Tolkien-lite.

That is the endless, shoddy recycling of epic fantasy elements first popularized by Tolkien such as absolute evil in the form of a Dark Lord, elves and dwarves, simplified politics, extended poetry, and romanticizing the pre-industrial age. What single thing did everyone hate most? Hands down, the prophecy of the humble peasant boy who must fulfill his destiny and become the Chosen One.

My thanks to everyone who gave me feedback: Your comments in your own words were priceless, and brought up things I never would have thought of on my own. I've grouped the comments under the broad categories that follow: Anthropomorphism "'Non-human' fantasy writing articles sentient animal races that act, think, and socialize just like humans.

Even Saruman gets stripped of "white" status after showing his evil.

fantasy writing articles

Everyone gets that wrong. First kid takes about thirteen hours on average, and you don't scream the entire time.

The protagonist or his female love interest becomes mysteriously or magically pregnant, gives birth in a week, to a baby who grows up in a couple of days and either wants to take over the world with her mind-boggling powers or else saves the world but dies of the effort.

As other people have mentioned, nobody can beat the evil overlord all by himself. Of course, this excludes alternate-worlds stories. They were dirty and smelly and full of racism, sexism, classism, and pretty much any other -ism you can think of. This bothers me because I know quite a lot about how people suffered before modern industry, and because it came into fantasy largely from a good writer, J.

C'mon, people, if you want to think of political organisation, can you not think of something else?

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For example, has anyone ever written a fantasy about an anarchic society that wasn't about cave men? Not language, not customs, not the ruling bloodline, not borders between countries.

No new ideas ever. But I don't need to know that the princess had black onyx lashes framing her liquid emerald pools Martin, and the high king of endless infinity-parters, Robert Jordan, may he rest in peace. Most of the world isn't like this even now.

fantasy writing articles

Surely the problem is that they aren't made-up arcane languages, just a few words made up by someone who isn't trained in philology and doesn't know the rules by which languages operate?

Look how successful and important a part of Tolkien's work they are. I think a far more subtle approach is needed, to the point where events and situations happen that leave the reader wondering, did that happen naturally or is some kind of 'influence' directing things behind the scenes like the magic in the movie Excalibur or in the Earthsea books.

Even in Tolkien's works, with a couple of exceptions, magic was very understated. The same goes for the Forces of Evil. Pure evil is a religious concept, if you're going to use it, use the metaphor to its fullest extent.

If you don't believe there is such a thing as pure good or evil in the real world, I think you'll have a hard time making it seem real in fiction. That was pretty cool. Ok, Tolkien and Elizabeth Moon get away with it. Unless they have direct bearing on the plot, I don't want to read them.

An example of this done well is in A. Byatt's Possession, because it works so well thematically. Unless the book comes with a CD, I have no idea what the melody is and so this is only bad, bad poetry.

It would be a refreshing change for a story to be able to draw in the reader but have enough ambiguity so you don't know at least from the beginning which side is the good side. Perhaps the good guys can do rotten things now and then, or the bad guys have some redeeming features.This is an unofficial mirror of the famous Limyaael/Lightning on the Wave/Arin i Asolde literary rants.

You will find here a wealth of advice, warnings, and witty commentary on just about every aspect of constructing a story - from character design, to worldbuilding, to avoiding cliches.

Here at Fantasy Feeder we either want to be fat or we want to fatten. We're feeders and feedees obsessed with over endulging our huge bellies and fat bottoms, and we're here to share stories, play online games and encourage each other to gain weight.

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