Features of writing a diary entry ks24194

Share Shares Before the age of Twitter and Facebook, the best way to keep track of your life was through a diary or journal. For most, a diary is a place of private introspection where one can transfer thoughts and feelings onto paper. In some cases, diaries are interesting documents that reveal a story of a certain time or place, like the diaries of Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys.

Features of writing a diary entry ks24194

Writing a diary to help your English Writing a diary to help your English How could writing a diary help you? Do you need to practice tenses, linking words, using new vocabulary? How about articles, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, punctuation? Michael Williams 12 January Of course you do.

Writing helps consolidate learning and with a diary, you can choose to focus on specific areas you need. Look at this diary entry: It was raining on the way to school, so, as a result I got soaked and by the time I reached school, I was sneezing.

Anyway, I arrived at 8. After school, we went on the social programme trip. It was the pub and I chatted to the good-looking girl. Does it use the language features mentioned above? Look, for example at the tenses. Does it use past, present and future tenses? Now look at the highlighted sections.

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Without them it would be a rather boring description of the facts, but these phrases add value. They link ideas, show cause and effect, comment, give structure and add interesting detail. So why not give it a try? Here are some of my top tips for approaching your exciting new diary.

Imagine you have an audience; a friend, NOT a teacher! Why am I telling you this? Would the reader appreciate detail? How did I feel? Is the sequence of events clear? Remember, a higher level writer or speaker adds value to the facts using the above ideas. Read his other blog entries including, This way to better communication skills and How to sound natural in English.By writing about these events in your diary, you can recall it in great detail whenever you want to remember it.

Your online diary can be about anything from a workout log or diet diary to a travel diary from your trip abroad.

Diary Writing

It is yours and the world is your canvas! More info on how to write a diary entry. For writing diary content every day, which English tense is appropriate to use?

Things have all happened already. I usually write late at night (end of the day) or the next day. Dec 04,  · Many people struggle to find the time to write a diary entry each day.

features of writing a diary entry ks24194

If you're interested in maintaining a diary, try to stick to something of a schedule. Write in your diary around the same time each day. This way, writing in your diary will become as much a part of your schedule as brushing your teeth at night or showering in the morning%().

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The follow-up ‘Writing a diary extract' worksheet is an individual activity on diary writing and provides a model diary extract, features to include and a simple writing frame. Teaching Notes. My Diary - Online teaching notes. Download Resources.

8 Benefits of Writing in a Journal or Diary. Updated on September 30, Benefits of Writing in a Diary or Journal. by Shasta Matova How to Write. influences my writing style during the first several entries, much like meeting a new person influences thoughts and words.

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