Marketing business studies coursework

Courses in Ghent, Brussels and Leuven. Get Course Information Apply! Business Studies Coursework Business Studies Assignment Marketing Coursework The aim of this coursework is to evaluate the marketing strategy of a familiar product or service, making recommendations on whether the marketing mix should be changed in any way. Business, management and marketing studies — The Guardian Business, management and marketing studies University the nature of your business courses and the practical experience that you x27;ve gained will mean you are Business Studies Case Study Template Business Studies Assignment Marketing Coursework ; Business Studies Coursework.

Marketing business studies coursework

Examines the marketing process in the operations of firms in profit and nonprofit sectors.

Environmental forces including consumer characteristics, government regulation and social aspects are explored. Emphasis is given to how firms develop marketing strategies in terms of target market selection, segmentation and marketing mix variables such as product development, promotional methods, price determination and channels of distribution.

Ethical aspects of marketing are also given consideration. This course examines marketing issues specific to the sports industry.

Marketing business studies coursework

The course considers the application of basic marketing principles to a range of sports organizations, including professional and collegiate, and commercial and public, sponsors and corporations.

The course will examine, but not limited to, topics of sport facilities, hospitality management, special events, licensing, merchandising, branding, and sales strategies.

Includes a combination of lectures, guest speakers, assigned readings, case studies, research assignments, and special projects. Behavioral science concepts will be examined including perception, motivation, learning, self-concept, personality, attitudes and attitude change, culture, social class, reference groups and the family unit.

Application of behavioral concepts from psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics to marketing management and marketing research problems, including diffusion of innovations new productsbrand loyalty, consumer satisfaction and consumer decision-making models.


Also, application of behavioral sciences, branding, packaging and interactive marketing to marketing communications. Social, legal, ethical and international aspects of marketing communications.

This course examines different Customer Relationship Management CRM programs and shows how to identify strengths and weaknesses associated with these programs.

The course will examine, but not limited to, issues of developing an understanding how CRM can be best implemented, developing skills in identifying customer satisfaction and loyalty, organizing an effective customer loyalty program and its implementation.

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Marketing MSc | Postgraduate Taught Study | University of Exeter Marketing is a profession that offers a wide range of career opportunities including advertising and promotion, market research, retail management, sales, social media, and more. Many of our classes include hand-on learning opportunities in the form of projects for campus departments or local businesses.
Topics of Study There is a diverse range of courses, each with a different emphasis or specialism. For example, some courses will lean more towards commerce or retail, while others will focus on tourism or international business.
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The course includes a combination of lectures, video presentations, guest speakers, assigned readings, case studies, and research assignments. Takes theoretical, strategic, and ethical approaches to evaluate and understand organizational behaviors; economic, political, cultural and technological developments at local, regional and global levels; country market selection, market entry strategies exporting, licensing and foreign direct investments and marketing mix strategies product, price, supply chain, and integrated marketing communication.

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Issues related to global market segmentation, targeting and positioning are also examined. Examines the social and technological forces behind modern marketing trends and evolving consumer behaviors. Also explores the expanding role of data analytics and data based marketing strategy.

To provide a scientific solution to marketing problems this course focuses on qualitative techniques e. Consists of a combination of exercises, case studies, guest speakers and lectures that give students the analytical tools and the mindset to migrate from a qualitative to a more quantitative brand of marketing.

Analytics adds an all-important quantitative edge to the marketing toolbox by helping companies transform data, information and insights into more effective decisions and higher profits.

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Additional business & non-business course requirements In addition to the requirements for the major, all students in the College of Business Administration complete business core courses, the Marquette University core of .

The WGU online marketing management bachelor’s degree is a relevant, affordable, and accelerated program for working business professionals. Business Administration: Marketing and Sales Coursework Overview. Marketing and sales coursework is often completed through degree programs in business administration.

Schools offer such programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Global Marketing & Business Studies course helps students to develop skills in Marketing, Economics, Law and International Trade.

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