Michle robertss the looking glass essay

For most readers, the two books are so closely entwined that they are considered a unit.

Michle robertss the looking glass essay

Former source of this article Reproduced with permission from the author. It is very obvious in the story that it was written for the three Liddell girls, of whom Alice was the closest to Dodgson. In the introductory poem to the tale, there are clear indications to the three, there named Prima, Secunda and Tertia — Latin for first, second and third respectively in feminized forms.

The part considering rowing on happy summer days was derived directly from reality. It is said that he used to row out on picnics with the Liddell girls and tell them stories.

On one of these excursions it started raining heavily and they all became soaked. This, it is said, was the inspiration to the second chapter of the book, The Pool of Tears.

Hardback Editions Nellie, the daughter of a landowner and general, a young and pretty girl, dreaming day and night of being married, was sitting in her room, gazing with exhausted, half-closed eyes into the looking-glass. She was pale, tense, and as motionless as the looking-glass.
Paperback Editions Jessica Arzola Excerpts from her essay:
Conclusion Filmed infor some people it might seem unreasonable to write a review on a show released five years ago. The problems it shows and discusses are a scourge of the world we live in nowadays, even though the show depicts them in a somewhat grotesque and exaggerated way, and getting people to think about current social wrongs.

The ever-occurring number of three points out Dodgson always having in mind the three girls he tells the story to. It could, of course, having in mind the fact that he was a cleric, be the Christian Trinity or something completely different.

From the looks of it, the story about Alice falling through a rabbit-hole and finding herself in a silly and nonsense world, is fairly guileless as a tale.

The underlying story, the one about a girl maturing away from home in what seems to be a world ruled by chaos and nonsense, is quite a frightening one. All the time, Alice finds herself confronted in different situations involving various different and curious animals being all alone.

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Lewis Carroll describes the fall into the rabbit-hole as very long and he mentions bookshelves on the sides of the hole. Perhaps it is an escape into literature he hints at. Carroll is an expert at puns and irony.

The part with the mad tea-party is one of the best examples of this. The theme with Alice growing and shrinking into different sizes could reflect the ups and downs of adolescence with young people sometimes feeling adult and sometimes quite the opposite.

One other example of maturing is Alice getting used to the new sizes she grows. She talks to her feet and learns some of the new ways her body works in. Is it that everyone alive is mad being alive, or everyone dreaming him- or herself away is mad due to the escape from reality?

Time is a very central theme in the story.

Michle robertss the looking glass essay

Time matters in growing up, I guess, but further interpretations are left unsaid. The poem in chapter 12 hints at forbidden love, and it is entirely possible that it is about his platonic love for children, or Mrs. Liddell, for that matter.

Continuing in this direction, the wonderful garden, into which Alice wants to get, can be a symbol of the Garden of Eden. It becomes more interesting when Alice finally gets into the garden and finds a pack of cards ruling it, with a very evil queen at its head.

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Or, having in mind his Victorian irony in the tale, a way of saying that our lives on Earth are, in fact, the closest we can get to a paradise, and that it is ruled my a malignous queen with little respect for human lives.

Some people have gone very far in their claims that Lewis Carroll wrote the stories while influenced by opium.

They say the fifth chapter with the smoking Blue Caterpillar is about drugs. It is fairly obvious that the visions of the stories derive from the genious of a man, and not from drug influence. If the worlds in the books are somewhat surreal it surely comes from Dodgson having a vivid imagination and an ability to make nonsense worlds alive.

At a closer look, there seems to be a whole lot of anguish in the story. This becomes even more apparent in the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, and its introductory poem, where the following can be found:An Analysis of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The following text is a small part of a project from: Jerry Maatta, HII, Katedralskolan, Uppsala, Sweden; March (Former source of this article. An orphan enchanted by stories and the incantatory power of words, Genevieve lives an isolated existence as a maid to the widow Patin in a village cafe on the Normandy coast in the early 20th century.

Anne Carson, (born June 21, , Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Canadian poet, essayist, translator, and Classicist whose work treats Classical subjects in what has been called a postmodern fashion.

Carson’s genre-averse approach to writing mixes poetry with essay, literary criticism, and other forms of prose, and her style is at once quirky, inventive, and erudite. Through the Looking Glass Summary Summary.

The book begins as Alice is sitting with her pet kitten, Kitty, who is playing with a ball of string. Alice tells Kitty a story about “Looking-Glass House,” a magical world on the other side of the mirror where everything is backwards.

Alice. In Through the Looking-Glass, Alice is a child not yet eight years kaja-net.com has been raised in a wealthy Victorian household and is interested in good manners, which she demonstrates with her pet, Kitty. Alice treats others with kindness and courtesy, as evidenced in her various interactions with the Looking-Glass creatures.

Excerpts from her essay: "We made it. Our small, one room apartment occupied by a loving family of five was an indicator that our dream had come true. Of course, adjusting to the American lifestyle was no walk in the park.

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