Organ transplant ethics essay

Transplanting organs is arguably one of the greatest achievements of today.

Organ transplant ethics essay

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Get Access Medical Ethics And Organ Transplants Essay Sample The field of medical ethics is one is of severe complexity, diversity and covering a wide range of topics in the medical world.

Organ transplant ethics issues essay

Within medical ethics it is especially important to consider religious principles and the effect they have on the options for religious believers and effects on faith.

One of the key issues for debate, considered to be the most controversial and varying is organ transplantation and organ donation. Religious principles and ethical values directly affect the outcome of an organ transplantation or donation, and for many faiths they should be upheld in all circumstances, even in a matter of life or death.

Many medical developments in organ donation are often very controversial and use cutting edge research and development which many religious believers deem unacceptable and religious principles should be upheld.

Science and religion therefore must co-operate and coincide in the complex field of organ donation. The first successful transplantation was in however the idea of transporting tissue or organs from a deceased or living donor has been around since the 3rd century.

There are many religious faiths that would reject organ transplantation. There are a huge number of people waiting for a donation organ, as of April there are currently people waiting for an organ in the UK, however in the yearorgan transplantation did take place.

Willing donors must register online or through a form via the NHS to become a donor. You can choose which organs you wish to be donated, many feel that they do not wish to donate their eyes, more so their vital organs such as the heart or a kidney.

It can also be the expressed wish of the relatives of the deceased to give consent of behalf of them.

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With the average of 9 thousand people needing and organ each year and only a third of this receiving one many feel that the system needs drastically changing in order to save more lives. As Britain the lowest donation rate in Europe this seems to be a feasible approach in order to save more lives.

Organ transplant ethics essay

However a third of people who donate organs already feel that an opt out system would take the altruistic nature of the UK system. It is imperative to understand different religious beliefs when looking at this issue in particular.

Sanctity of life is a primary Christian principle which is important to investigate when looking at organ transplantation and human life. This shows the theist view to be that life is sacred regardless of religion or race etc.

Therefore it is predominantly Pro-life on debates on organ donation and other topics to do with Human life. There is no point at which it could be justified to terminate human life. Therefore they would be in favour of someone on life support even if in a vegetable state and state it would be wrong to take their organs as we as humans, do not have the power to give and take life.

As God is the only giver and taker of life it would seem that sanctity of life is a hindrance to the idea of organ transplantation as it would 1. Support those on life support and withhold vital medicines and 2. Disagree with organ donation as it is giving the gift of life which only god can give.

However there are many who would contest this.


It would also bring into the question of those organs which reject the body and what happens to them. Personally in my opinion I would disagree with an opt out system on these grounds, but promote organ donation in all its glory. Thus giving the individual the choice to give life.

Organ Transplantation and Ethics Essay

I believe therefore that sanctity of life is of the utmost importance discussing my topic and organ transplantation as it gives the question of whether in a Christian country such as the UK people should have the choice to opt in, especially when looking at revealed ethics which as two very opposing sides and looking at life as sacred.

Another key principle when discussing Medical ethics and organ transplantation is Person hood.Organ Transplantation and Ethics. Organ Transplantation and Ethics When looking on the face of it, there seems to be little reason to question the ethics behind the idea of transplanting organs.

Transplanting organs is arguably one of /5(1). According to Chadwick and Schuklenk, organ transplantation is the surgical removal of a body organ, such as a kidney, from one individual (the organ donor) and placement of the organ in another individual for the purpose of improving the health of the recipient/5(1).

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Organ transplant ethics essay

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The sources of organs for transplantation are: cadaveric organs, living donors and alternative sources.

When a person dies, the organs can be accepted for transplantation if the person has consented for organ donation when alive, which is indicated in the person’s license. Death is the event of a person’s heart or brain stopping its function.


Ethics of Organ Transplants Essay