Other words for matchmaking

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Other words for matchmaking

Rav - Rabbi, religious leader of the community Reb - Mr. Similar to blaming something on the fairies or a mystical being.

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Rebiniu - "Rabbi dear! Pay in cash in advance! Cash on the barrel-head! So call me a nut! Ruktish - Portable table S'vet helfen azoy vie a toytn baynkes - Lit: It will help as much as applying cups to a dead person.

Does it matter to you? Saykhel - Common sense Schochet - A ritual slaughterer of animals and fowl.

Other words for matchmaking

Se zol dir grihmen in boych! Sh' gootzim - Plural of shaigetz Sha! Shabbes goy - Someone doing the dirty work for others Lit;, gentile doing work for a Jew on Sabbath Shabbes klopper - A resident of a neighbourhood who's job it was to "klop" or bang on the shutters of Jewish homes to announce the hour of sundown on Friday Shadchen - Matchmaker or marriage broker.

There is the professional type who derives his or her living from it, but many Jewish people engage in matchmaking without compensation. Shaigitz - Non-Jewish boy; wild Jewish boy Shaigetz ainer!

Shainer gelechter - Hearty laugh sarcastically, Some laughter! Shainkeit - Beauty Shaitel, sheitel - Wig Ultra-orthodox married women cover their hair. Some use a shaitel Shalach mohnes - Customary gifts exchanges on Purim, usually goodies Shalom - Peace a watchword and a greeting Shamus - Sexton, beadle of the synagogue, also, the lighter taper used to light other candles on a menorah, a policeman slang Shandeh - Shame or disgrace Shpatzir - A walk without a particular destination Shat, shat!

Don't get excited Shatnes - Proscription against wearing clothes that are mixed of wool and linen Shav - Cold spinach soup, sorrel grass soup, sour leaves soup Shayneh kepeleh - Pretty head lit Good looking, good thoughts Shemevdik - Bashful, shy Shepen naches - Enjoy; gather pleasure, draw pleasure, especially from children Shidech pl.

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Add a little of this, a little of that, a little of something else, without measuring. Shlissel - A key Shissel - A basin or bowl Shitter - Sparse, lean, meager Shiva - Mourning period of seven days observed by family and friends of deceased Shkapeh - A hag, a mare; worthless Shkotz - Berating term for mischievous Jewish boy Shlak - Apoplexy; a wretch, a miserable person; shoddy; shoddy merchandise Shlang - Snake, serpent; a troublesome wife; penis taboo Shlatten shammes - Communal busybody, tale bearer; messenger Shlecht - Bad Shlecht veib - Shrew Lit.

Unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck it is said that the shlemiel spills the soup on the shlimazel! Shlog zich kop in vant.

Shlogen - To beat up.In other words, the client gets to choose who is right for them, who is worthy of their love, their time, and their attention. There are hundreds if not thousands of variables at play in selecting a great partner—some conscious and others unconscious.

Other words for matchmaking

A little bit of Yiddish Yiddish is a language that is used by Ashkenazi Jews that is related to German (but also has many Slavic, Hebrew, and Aramaic loan words). Attention all single ladies and gents: Anteros International, an exclusive and bespoke matchmaking service “for the world’s most exceptional singles”, wants you.

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Retiring from her previously hectic lifestyle, Lin resumed living in her hometown of Cangzhou in Hebei province to care for her grandchildren.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will begin trialling a new, ping-based matchmaking system sometime this week. In other words, Chinese players won’t be able to play on US servers and so on.

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