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I just want it to be noted, that as promised last week, Schmallturm is wearing his Terry Nation ascot. There were some shortcomings, and it was laughable in parts for some of us.

Project net

Oh, I got it. I have to say, although the body suits for the Monoids make them look like they are walking around in full diapers, the face makeup is still really impressive.

I found myself fixated that the eyes are looking around. So, I have a question about the Monoids and their physiology. We see a Monoid putting down a clean food bone, yet they have no mouths whatsoever. Their eyes are bigger than their stomach.

Told you not to go there. So, a lot of stuff did happen in this episode. What do you mean? Pods took off, landed. The statue kind of… fell… out the airlock. But there was also a lot that was actually impressive. First of all, the near shot of the pod taking off with the small Monoid in the background.

That was really good forced perspective.

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It took me a second to realize how they were doing Project net. The running gun Project net between the monoid sides… not all of it was great, but it was still impressive given that it was on a small sound stage.

Project net

It was more of a waddling gun battle. A bit that was really great was at the end, when the Doctor and the humans walked up, and the Monoid 4 saw the carnage and was disgusted, and just threw down his gun. There was some good use of creative videography.

There were a lot more off the floor angles, no just shots at eye level angles. The plotting and the dialog were pretty feeble. I thought the Monoids were going to get forced back on the ship and the bomb was going to take them out. There are still millions of humans in little trays too.

He could just be disgusted by the battle. Where were the cans of Monoids that when down with the first shuttle? I assume they are still on board one of the drop pods.

Or they were brought into the castle. If this had been modern Doctor Who, the Monoids and the humans would have had to unite against the invisible energy beings who wanted to enslave them all.

That would have been a more interesting plot. The Refusian felt like the magic that will get them out of their situation. There was a small error that crept into the script. The security kitchen lady said that they left earth years before.


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And they have a visual record of it. Did they explain how these kitchen slave humans were able to fly the landers? Even a doddering old man like me can do it.

As in worshiping the Refusians? Another issue is, of course, the humans are bringing a full ecosystem with them. We made it better. That would have been a Star Trek episode. They could tear a drop ship apart with their bare hands and lift giant statues.

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