Story books for meaningful learning

In all his work, Jonathan incorporates elements of micro-lesson design, collaborative learning, social learning and storytelling, a skill he learned first during his stint in improvisational comedy and later on honed in story-based design learned through his association with Dr. Jonathan has experience in areas of manufacturing, financial and operations safety, processes and equipment training and learning design. Fernandes-Harris has more than 10 years of experience in instructional design, training and e-learning video creation, and editing and developing documentation. Crystal is passionate about the Flipped Learning Model and continuously supports the implementation of engaging and creative blended learning methods, especially micro-learning and story-based design.

Story books for meaningful learning

See Full List and Purchase. Stories have long been used for teaching morals and developing character. Although technological improvements have made videos, video games, and hand-held devices common delivery methods for teaching these skills, books are still a critical tool.

Unlike other teaching materials, books clearly state acceptable behavior and explain why it is acceptable. They are self-paced which allows for questions about the content.

Books lend themselves to social interactions through a discussion of the story, which enhances social skill development.


Books can be personalized which allows parents and professionals to address specific behaviors or experiences. For example, in the Success Story, Feeling Frustrated, there is an area to add what frustrates the child and an appropriate reaction.

Further, reading is a critical academic skill and fun books that engage children are a great way to promote a lifelong interest in literacy. Why Change the Features? Making the main character look like the child is supported by Social Learning Theory condensed by Bandura, which discusses how individuals learn from watching the behaviors and subsequent consequences of those around them.

The theory suggests similar characteristics such as age, gender, and overall appearance are factors in individuals modeling a behavior.

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The stories used images of young children successfully taking care of themselves to explain terminology and actions for managing asthma. Study results showed the use of books was more effective than using videos for instruction.

Story books for meaningful learning

The theory behind the customization of Success Stories is by creating stories where the main character looks like the child and the text in the story is about the child, he or she will have an easier time identifying with the characters and modeling appropriate behavior.

Often children benefit from visual reminders of what to do next. Children also benefit from visual or written schedules.

Many of the Success Stories can be used for this purpose.

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Showing the child in the story successfully brushing his or her teeth is a way to present the next step in a fun and meaningful way. To capture these learning opportunities a skills sheet is included with each story.

These sheets allow parents and professionals to work on multiple skills in the social, communication, and academic areas to maximize the effectiveness of their time with the child. Many professionals and parents have helped children with autism spectrum disorders learn about these difficult topics through books where the child is part of the story.

The concept is that in a specific situation such as seeing someone upset, the child with autism may not understand why the peer is feeling this way.First, consider a learning intention (also called a learning target, goal, objective, or purpose).

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This is what you want students to know and be able to do by the end of one or more lessons. Jul 11,  · David Ausubel in the s talked about meaningful learning and rote learning. The essence of the two lies in the distinction one makes between learning new knowledge and previous knowledge.

With the former, new knowledge is built based on previous knowledge, with the latter, i.e. rote learning, the new and old knowledge do not seem to meet. Every good story has meaning at its core, otherwise, it wouldn’t resonate, make a difference and be memorable.

The best stories are those that were meaningful enough .

Story books for meaningful learning

“The narrative is the first story, the primal story, from which all others come. It is your story.” These thoughts by writer John Rouse speak clearly to the importance of narrative writing. I share them because I, too, feel that narrative writing is a valuable or, dare I say, the most important element in .

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