The life and comedy career of bill cosby

His mother was a maid, and his father served as a mess steward in U. Cosby has three brothers. Cosby attended the Mary Channing Wister Public School, where he was the captain of baseball and track and field team. He described himself as the class clown and enjoyed the title.

The life and comedy career of bill cosby

He is famous for his show The Cosby Show.

The life and comedy career of bill cosby

He has won several awards including Grammy and Emmy. He actively worked in the Hollywood before his retirement in Cosby is now year-old in his age and he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This popular stand-up comedian from the year till was active in the entertainment industry working as a comedian, author as well as an actor in his career time.

His father also served within the mess steward within the United States Navy. Career Cosby moved towards the comedy character in the very early days.

An entertainer for many decades, Bill Cosby has starred in live performances and films, recorded albums, written books, and created television shows. His long-running, hugely popular The Cosby Show was in the top of the television ratings . Bill Cosby Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr, was born on July 12, , in Philadelphia, mother was a maid, and his father served as a mess steward in U.S. Navy. Cosby has three brothers. Watch video · Comedian, actor and producer Bill Cosby was a widely popular screen icon who has later been accused of assault by a large group of women. Learn more about his career and the allegations at.

He was featured in the theatre performances during the early struggling stages of his life and was also starred in the guest performance in the comedy series. He with his best performances was also listed under the no 1. He also made the release of his concert film in the year Personal Life Cosby and his life have a long life of personal history within himself.

He mentioned of having few affairs in his early times and he never properly mentioned about his girlfriend during his college days. Later, after making his girlfriend he got married to his spouse named Camille Oliva Hanks. This couple got into their married life on January 25, This couple is the parents of 5 children.

The only son of this couple was got murdered in the year January The reason behind the murder of the boy was due to the conflicts arise while changing the flats tire. He was very sad for a long time right after the death of his young child.

Looking his bio, he is the grandfather of his three grandchildren. He is currently living a satisfactory life with his perfect children and also remembers his young age while he used to flirt with his girlfriends and had some affairs.

Cosby is very healthy in his body right now and he is taking special attention of himself with food consciousness. He has a lavish house in Los Angeles. The height of Cosby is 6 feet 1 inch tall and his weight seems some less than that of previous years.

His salary also made him to success in his life that made him sum up with a special amount of net worth in the achievement.Apr 27,  · William Henry Cosby Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor musician and author. Bill Cosby start in stand-up comedy began at the hungry i in .

Sep 25,  · While his career is mostly centered around television, Cosby stars in the film "Man and Boy," about a former Union soldier trying to make a new life in the Arizona territory.

Bill Cosby began his career as a stand-up comic at the hungry i in San Francisco during the s. Bill Cosby: Far From Finished, on Comedy Central on November 23, The show had parallels to Cosby's actual family life: Children: 5, including Erika Cosby and Ennis Cosby.

Life Early life. Cosby was born and raised in Philadelphia, studied at Temple University.. Career. He is the creator of such shows as Filmation's animated Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, NBC's The Cosby Show (in which he played a doctor named Heathcliff Huxtable) and Nick at Nite's Fatherhood (with Blair Underwood)..

On television, he starred in the s spy spoof I Spy, and. Cosby’s subsequent projects for television included the series of Bill Cosby Specials (–71, ), the situation comedy The Bill Cosby Show (–71), the variety show The New Bill Cosby Show (–73), and the successful cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (–84, ).

Cosby left university to pursue a career in comedy. He landed a lot of stand-up gigs in Philadelphia and New York City at first, and then managed to perform in many other major US cities.

Bill progressed some live stand-up into acting, and Television work.

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