Unifr ses master thesis free

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Unifr ses master thesis free

The admission requirements are valid for the respective academic year.

unifr ses master thesis free

The Rectorat of the University of Fribourg reserves the right to change these requirements at any time. Students can explore the periods which interest them most in greater depth.

This study programme is taught partly in French and partly in German. Students must take modules in both languages, which will vary from course to course, but they can prepare their presentation, coursework and exams in the language of their choice in either French or German.

The programme is composed of core modules and more specialised modules. The core modules, compulsory for all students, provide basic knowledge on all periods of Art History.

Biochemistry The Bachelor's programme in biochemistry is devoted to the study of fundamental chemical and physical processes in living organisms. It comprises molecular studies with a specific focus on enzymes and their role as catalysts in chemical reactions.

A main interest is the study of cellular functions including the mechanisms involved in cell proliferation and development. Students also learn techniques for analyzing DNA and genetic information as an integral part of the study program.

The biochemistry course thus gives students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with practical laboratory methods that are applied in several disciplines. It requires knowledge of the research tools used in chemistry and biology microscopy, spectrometry, DNA sequencing, etc.

A command of bioinformatics tools is also essential to be able to store, manage and interpret the overwhelming volume of data provided by current analytical techniques. Biology The study of biology imparts knowledge of the fundamental processes on which life — from the simplest bacteria to the human being — is based.

This includes development and behaviour of organisms, as well as their interaction with the environment. During the first academic year, students acquire the necessary basic knowledge general biology, organism biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics.

The two orientations are, however not necessarily separated: They can in part be combined with each other and many lectures and much practical training are common to both. In addition to lectures, the study programme contains exercises, practical training and seminars, as well as writing a Bachelor's thesis in a research unit.

Business Communication This Bachelor's level minor study programme combines theory and practice in the fields of information and communication. The objective is to help students master the different communication skills needed in a variety of constantly changing environments and contexts.

The programme comprises a communication module and a specialisation module, chosen by the student, in management, economics or information systems. It then leads to a full Master's level programme in the same topics. This study programme in Business Communication at the University of Fribourg is unique in its category and offers targeted and highly sought-after academic and professional prospects.

Chemistry In this study programme, students deal with the questions of why and how atoms combine to form molecules; they gain basic knowledge of the nature and diversity of chemical bonds and elements and how these are related to the external properties of the materials.

But chemistry is not only knowledge; it is also a craft: Chemistry is not an isolated science: It uses mathematical tools and has synergies with biology and physics that are becoming increasingly close.

For this reason, during the first academic year, courses are also held in these subjects. Communication and Media This minor study programme, which is offered in French only, contains a broad variety of lectures: Compulsory classes are supplemented with optional classes in applied communication: Group work, classes and seminars with a limited number of students are also a feature of this module providing better supervision and more effective teaching.

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Computer Science Informatics studies at the University of Fribourg provide in-depth theoretical knowledge while placing a strong emphasis in relation to practice. Our approach to informatics is oriented towards problem analysis and solution; teaching takes place in a friendly atmosphere.Students will also learn about practical applications and professional use of crisis communication in a crisis simulation exercise.

Ideas for potential research designs will be discussed which can be taken on in a future master thesis. Course Description. Université de Fribourg - Mathématiques - Ch. du Musée 23, Fribourg - tél +41 26 / [email protected] Last modified on Feb 16, Webmasters: Sophie Schneider, .

The Bachelor in Economic and Legal Studies is an original course of studies and the only one of its kind in Switzerland. It efficiently combines the main features of management, economics and law.

The rest of the courses in the second and third year are free of choice from classes offered by the Faculty's economics and management courses. FACULTÉ DES SCIENCES ÉCONOMIQUES ET SOCIALES WIRTSCHAFTS-UND SOZIALWISSENSCHAFTLICHE FAKULTÄT.

Guidelines for Doctoral Studies.

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at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. These guidelines are based on the Regulations of March 22nd, on the granting of the doctoral degree in economics and social sciences (kaja-net.com) and the doctoral . Especially in the Master programmes, students can costumize their study programme and select from a wide range of courses from different departments and even from other faculties within the University.

Agenda SES. 26 FEB PhD thesis defense, Ann Barbara Bauer, Room D, ; 28 FEB. Presentations of the Faculty Research Seminar of the.

unifr ses master thesis free

Sciences, at least 6 ECTS from Master courses in Quantitative Methods and at least 6 ECTS from Master courses in Law. Master Thesis (27 ECTS in Fribourg or 24 ECTS in Pavia) To complete the studies, students have to write a single Master thesis either in Fribourg (27 ECTS) or in Pavia (24 ECTS).

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