Yacht broker business plan

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Yacht broker business plan

Petroleum products that are supplied to petrol stations and organisations always need to be transported by road, and this is done with trucks. You could tap into this need by partnering with tank farm owners to provide logistic services for people who buy petroleum products from them but need it to be transported one way or the order.

You could also lease your tankers to individuals who intend to use it to transport petroleum products from not necessarily tank farms, but from one location to another. Heavy-duty materials and equipment are always transported on a daily basis.

This could be via the use of a tipper for sand and rocky materials or via the use of a low-bed truck for the transportation of heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and more. With an adequate startup capital or a bank credit to back you, you could venture into the supply of heavy materials and equipment with tippers or low-beds.

The popularity of ridesharing platforms like Uber, Taxify, OgaTaxi, and more have made the concept become more common-place than it used to be.


This way, you could earn anywhere from 35, to 45, Naira every week. Unlike ridesharing platforms, taxis are the traditional cabs, are usually painted a certain colour, and can be found in taxi parks. They rely on customers coming to them or they going out to find the customers.

While ridesharing is gradually overshadowing traditional taxi services in many cities, taxis remain the norm in many other cities around the world.

If you have a knack for driving, and own a car that could easily be registered as a cab, you could either hire drivers to drive your vehicle s or be the driver yourself. With increased difficulties of getting products sent to remote parts of the country, courier services continue to gain more grounds and value.

The advent of e-commerce has also spiked the income of courier companies as online stores are introducing more enticing packages like same-day deliveries and money-back guarantees, and more, driving the number of orders they get even higher.

You could take advantage of the need of people and companies to send items to different parts of the country at the lowest possible cost and fastest possible time to start up a courier company with outposts in many parts of the country. By doing this, you will be tapping into a market that is greatly underserved and the services and benefits you include to make people and companies patronise your service can determine how far or not your business will go.

Transportation Of Marine Fuel: People who own marine tanker vessels can offer transportation services to people who intend to transport large volumes of petroleum products to various places around the world.

The transportation is usually done to tank farms or transhipped into another vessel at the port of discharge. Just as people lease vessels for the transportation of marine fuels, people also sell vessels to people who intend to buy.

While capital intensive, you could also go into the brokerage of bunker sales. To find prospective sellers, LinkedIn would be a great place to start. People rent cars for various purposes. It could be for a wedding, prom night, party, music video, or for whatever reason at all.

But ultimately people continue to rent automobiles for one thing or the other. You can define the target market you want to focus on, acquire vehicles that fall into that, and promote your business.

With a large number of daily emergencies spread across different states, hospitals have too little resources to meet up with most of them, causing most patients to become critical upon arrival at the hospitals. You could help reduce this problem by launching an ambulance service in your state and having several hospitals subscribe to your service.

Every vehicle is required to go in for maintenance at one point or the other. Almost every automobile requires fuel to run. Vehicles break down on roads, get parked in wrong corners, and more.

As a result, most cities and countries around the world get towing vehicles to either tow vehicles that are wrongly parked or help people trying to move their vehicles to get it to another location. If obtaining a vehicle towing service licence is possible in your country, you could venture into vehicle towing, partner with mechanics, and help people move vehicles that have broken down.

The first step to owning a vehicle is to purchase it.RL Yacht Owner's Register If you own or know an RL24, RL28, RL34 or Status not shown here, please add it to the register Register a new boat here.

A business plan is the solution.

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It explains where the business is today, the strategies being embraced to drive future improvement and growth, and the financial results that are expected to come from those strategies.

A business plan is the skeletal framework for your boat and yacht brokers business's mission, goals and strategic vision.

In contemporary business culture, business plans are also litmus tests used by external interests to assess real world viability and marketability. YachtSys® is the reservation system and booking managment software for boat charter companies.

Charter Brokers (agencies) and Fleet Managers (providers) can administrate their daily business in a modern and user-friendly web app.

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yacht broker business plan
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